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Another week has gone by…

Yes, it’s been another week I have managed to live without asking him what a heck is going on with him and his ex wife.

It’s hard for me to believe she has stopped contacting him since she was doing that just about everyday.  But since I have decided not to ask him about it, I don’t know anything until he decides to share that with me.

It does kill me not to know what is going on.  I just have to keep myself busy thinking about other things, I guess.

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Personal Challenge

Okay… so I guess I have some insecurity issues.

I call it a “curiosity” but Jeff does not think so.  So I have decided to spit anything and everything I am so curious about or insecure about here so I don’t have to ask him any more questions that drive him nuts. LOL

I would like to keep a record to see how many days I can go without asking him questions like,

“So did you get a call from your ex-wife today?”

“Did she text you some more asking when you would play tennis with her again?”

My friend thinks I am perfectly normal wanting to get answers to those things, but he just get pissed off and lose his temper.  I often hear him say, “It’s none of your f-ing business!!!”  So then, I will try to withdraw myself from wanting to know those things.

I just read this article about how you can control your insecurity.  It suggested to focus on yourself…rather than focusing on him..and that is the reason why I have decided to do this.  I need to deal with this by myself rather than asking him and driving him crazy.

So today is actually the 4th day since we had a fight and I stopped asking anything about his ex.  It’s going to be a challenge not to ask him anything about her, but I want to really stretch myself and see how far I can go.

You can do this, Fate!!!

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